New! Online Readers Theatre Format


Announcing a health-conscious way for senior adults to explore the performing arts.  This program was piloted in Castle Rock in June of 2020 and has enjoyed great success.  Provide your residents with a fun and educational creative outlet in spite of the current pandemic. 


"Theatre gives seniors an outlet for self-expression, therapy, socializing and sheer fun." -Sally S. Stich, TIME Magazine

Drama classes tailored to fit your communities' abilities and needs.

Sensory Stories     

Participants will creatively blend their 5 senses with reminiscence and storytelling. Designed for Assisted Living communities.

     4 week sessions

     60 minute classes

Readers Theatre: Great Literature     

Revisit old favorites in a new way--read scripts adapted from classic literary works aloud as a group.

   4 week sessions

   75 minute classes

Readers Theatre: On with the Show!     

Participants learn how to orally interpret great literature; class culminates in a performance

     4 week sessions

     90 minute classes

     Performance included

Artistry of the Play     

Explore all aspects of theatre through reading, discussing, designing and performing. Class culminates in a multifaceted showcase.

    4 week sessions

    90 minute classes

    Showcase included